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May 11, 2012
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Speaking of Roses by Birgitte-Gustavsen Speaking of Roses by Birgitte-Gustavsen
(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Birgitte Gustavsen


Note on colour: something very odd is going on with the colours, and my quick fixes only seem to be making it worse. I'm a bit too tired to solve it just right now, but hopefully I'll find a solution soon. Just be aware that this is not the way they are supposed to look.

This is my second entry for the National autumn art show. Having several rounds of decaying roses in your room can get quite iffy by the way, and you get some odd looks by your visitors :paranoid:

The idea was purely visual for me, so I can't attest to it's origins. The feeling though was bleak. So while many's initial response will be 'pretty', it does not flip that switch for me.

Originally the flower on the cheek was a wound, but it would have looked to graphical I think, so I changed it to a blooming rose. I may have been inspired by a couple of other images around on DA where your have flowers or other stuff growing out of the skin. I wish it looked as awesome as theirs ;)

Again I have mixed feelings. I like the idea, it looked quite brilliant in my mind. It's in realizing it that It's not as good as I wanted it to be. It may also suffer from too much busyness and not enough force or pathos.
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Critique by AffirmativeSelf May 11, 2012, 9:06:58 PM
First of all, I think this work is gorgeous. You did an amazing job. The detail, especially the roses, which look very realistic and organic, and the coloring, are amazing. The composition is also good.

There are three things I would like to note. The first is the redness in her nose. I personally think it is a little too red and would have liked it to be more blended in with her overall skin tone. I don't know if the redness was intended, for example an allergy towards roses? I highly hope not, because roses are the flowers that are supposedly adored by women and thus having an allergic reaction toward them would be sad.
Or might it be that the rose on her face is radiating light and is reflected as in the area of the ear? If so, I think the reflecting red should have gone on the side of her nose and not completely around.

Secondly, I think her eye is just a tad, and I really mean, just a real tad bit to small, but I think it barely has a negative impact. Some people have smaller eyes than others do, but to portray a more aesthetically beautiful look I would have made it a just a little larger.

And lastly, I would have liked for you to have defined a little bit more what it would be that is happening to her body in the lower right. It seems as though it is fading, but I cannot quite make it out. If it is not fading, I would have darken the area a bit more, because there is an accumulation of roses there and it would probably cause some darker shadowing there.

But again, magnificent job on this. Keep up the work!
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I get a rather uneasy feeling from this piece, as though the poor girl is being eaten by roses, or turning into one. It's wonderfully done though, and I like the overall feel to the piece.

The girl looks sad, not like she's enjoying the roses at all which lends itself to a feeling of unease, or melancholy.

The details are marvelous, but I do agree with the critique by affirmative self that her nose is a little too red, unless that was your intent?

Your technique is awesome, I can tell you are a very talented artist in this particular genre.

Your concept is very original, and the composition is well done.

I think you are too hard on yourself in your own personal critique, then again, we all are. We don't see what others see. I see a wonderfully done image, with a unique design that lends itself to an overall great picture.

Keep up the good work!
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